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"Forever Us": A Celebration of Love

When asked to describe his fourth studio album, Sean Kennedy replied with, "Triumphant". He continued, "This album is about love and loss, but at the end of the day, it’s really an album about feeling fortunate enough to experience love. I wouldn’t have been able to write a record like this 2 or 3 years ago." His first album since graduating high school, "Forever Us" is a celebration. The title speaks to the lessons learned from love that live on long after the fire has burned down. The record opens with the title track, a slow-burn ballad about finding real love, and is followed by up-tempo rock tracks like 'I Wish You Were Here' and '4:24'. "Take a hold of my hand/I need you to know/You are the love of my life/And I’ll never go", he sings on the closing track, 'Wait for You'. It’s playful and emotional, and by far Kennedy’s most cohesive project to date. Pre-Order "Forever Us" here.


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