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"The One": The Sophomore Album

A lot has happened since a fifteen year old, eager Sean Kennedy released his debut album, just a year ago. It may seem like a short time, but it’s evident how much the now sixteen year old has evolved within these twelve months. "The One", Kennedy’s second full length LP, follows along with the overarching theme of his last album; high school. Focused specifically on the relationships formed within this time, Sean narrates a story from beginning to end, in his most personal album to date. The record begins with the exhilarating, synth driven, 'All the Time', but is followed by emotional ballads like 'Time of My Life' and 'Goodbye'. "A rollercoaster, to say the least", Sean hums on the closing track 'The End', and he couldn’t be more right. There’s a song for every emotion possible, and it’s sure to make you feel just as he did when writing these songs. Get "The One", here.


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