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"What's Left Unsaid": A New Chapter

"I didn’t have plans to make a third album for a while", states a now 17-year-old Sean Kennedy, "I guess the world had other plans." Like every other artist, Sean spent his time in isolation creating. "What’s Left Unsaid", the singer’s third LP, is the final chapter in what he has dubbed, The High School Trilogy. It’s an album of reflection and growth, but more importantly, an album of self-love. He opens up about his struggles and desires on 'My Worth', while he reaches out to an old friend on the charming duet with Giuliana Calandrucci, 'Cross Your Mind'. As the record progresses, there’s a newfound sense of peace, taking place of what was a sense of urgency. "They said I couldn't/I did anyway" he chants on, 'Retrospect', a reflection of his musical journey. It’s not clear where Sean Kennedy might end up, but it’s certainly clear how far he’s come. Pre-order "What’s Left Unsaid", here.


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